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NATURAL BEACHES...Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

France has a long and scenic coastline extending over 3,427 km, and housing some of the finest beaches in the world. Beaches are known for their breathtaking coastal scenery, soft and clean sands, and world-class hotels and resorts. French beaches are known worldwide for their liberal attitude towards bathing attire, and so the country has many topless or even nude beaches. It has several world-renowned natural (nude) beaches, including the famous Cap d'Agde. Natural beaches are excellent for lazing, sunbathing, or indulging in a wide range of exciting water sports. Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

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Among most travelled tourist regions include Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne, Provence, Rhone-Alps, Cote d'Azur and Normandy.

Tours to Ile-de-France will take you to capital region of France, Paris, the city of museums. Visit the world-famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and take an exciting river cruise on Seine on tours to Ile-de-France. Tours to Champagne-Ardenne will take you to a region of lush forests, sunflower fields, lakes, champagne vineyards, as well as amazing Gothic Architecture. ...Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

See the world-famous champagne vineyards around the towns of Reims and Epernay. You can also visit the awesome Gothic cathedral in Reims where 25 kings of France were crowned, or see the beautifully preserved 16th century half-timbered houses of Troyes on tours to Champagne-Ardenne. On Tours to Provence, you can visit the most stunning beaches. The region has some of the popular cities, including Cannes, Nice, Toulon and Marseilles. The Côte d'Azur, also called French Riviera, is the prime attraction of Provence. If you're looking for a perfect relaxing retreat, then Tours to Normandy promises to be ideal for you. Tours to Cote d'Azur is ideal for fun seekers as well as family vacationers.Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris, is one of the greatest engineering masterpieces, ever built in the world. It was constructed for the World's Exhibition of 1889 to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. Designed and built by a famous French engineer Gustave Eiffel, the tower has become the most important symbol and historical landmark of France. The Eiffel Tower is one of the world's most visited and photographed tourist attractions, attracting thousands of visitors every day.

The Louvre Museum in Paris is the largest and undoubtedly the most famous museum in the world. Located in the heart of Paris, between the Seine River and the Rue de Rivoli, the 800 years old building was once a royal fortress decorated with beautiful artifacts. The Louvre is considered the world's greatest art museum, with an unparalleled collection of items covering the full spectrum of art through the ages. The Louvre Museum is divided into 7 departments with collections incorporating works dating from the birth of the great antique civilizations right up to the first half of the 19th century, thereby confirming its encyclopedic vocation....Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

The Palace of Versailles or Château de Versailles is perhaps the world's most opulent chateau. Built originally as a royal hunting lodge by Louis XIII in 1624 AD, it was expanded and converted to a country retreat by Louis XIV in 1669 AD. In 1676, Jules Hardouin Mansart, the king's principal architect, drew the plans to enlarge it. Mansart added the second story to the palace and designed and built the amazing Hall of Mirrors. The hall was decorated with statues, busts of Roman Emperors, guided candelabra and paintings showing the Louis XIV triumphs, and the final result was the creation of the magnificent Château de Versailles. In 1682, Louis XIV declared Palace of Versailles as the permanent residence of the sovereigns, and over 10, 000 people including nobles and servants also stayed there. The Chateau of Versailles remained official residence of the Kings of France from 1682 until the French Revolution in 1789 AD....Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

The Disneyland Paris, known as Parc Disneyland in France, is one the finest amusement parks in the world. Located just 20 miles east of Paris at Marne-la-Vallée, Disneyland Paris is Disney's first European venture. Spread over an area of over 5, 000 acres, the Disneyland Paris is a complete family vacation destination offering its visitors world-class rides and other adventures. Opened as Euro Disneyland on 12 April 1992, and changing to Disneyland Paris on 1 October 1994, it's Europe's most magical adventure for children and adults alike.Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

If you are looking for luxurious yet affordable accommodations near France's Parc Disneyland, consider purchasing or renting timeshare at Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France. Located in the stunning French countryside just beyond Disney, this quiet resort is removed enough to afford travelers the rest and relaxation they crave, yet close enough to area attractions to make travel convenient. In fact, most timeshare in France are located in or near some of the country's most popular attractions, so you can visit as many as your heart desires.

Marseilles, La Rochelle & more...

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Marseille or Marseilles (Greek Massalia; Latin Massilia), city in southern France, capital of Bouches-du-Rhône Department, on the Gulf of Lion (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea). The second largest city of France after Paris, it is a major seaport and an important commercial and industrial center. The city is linked by canal with the Rhône River and is served by extensive rail and air transport facilities; the large petroleum port of Fos, chiefly developed in the 1970s, is nearby.

La Rochelle

La Rochelle on France's west coast between Nante and Bordeaux is an interesting tourist destination on the sea seldom visited by Americans. La Rochelle has an interesting old harbor fortified in the middle ages, and a wonderful medieval core city. The cuisine of La Rochelle is memorable for its seafood.


Welcome to Bordeaux! This city in Aquitaine, west of France, is worldwide famous for its wines, but lately the city itself is drawing the attention of tourists thanks to its splendid gothic cathedrals and 18th century mansions. On this Photographic Tour I will try to show you some of the monuments in this city. At the end of the tour we will visit one of the vineyards -'Chateaux'- in the region and learn something about the Bordeaux wines.

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