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France Airports

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France is one of the most visited countries in the world and it has a superb complement of airports. There are international airports at all of the country’s major cities and a swathe of smaller, regional airport in virtually every corner of the country. While the transport infrastructure in France is of a high quality, the country is still relatively large; therefore, taking a domestic flight makes sense if you need to travel a long distance.

Air travel france

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport is France’s premier facility and the largest in the country. Located 15 miles northeast of Paris, Charles de Gaulle handles tens of millions of passengers per year who pass through its three terminals. One terminal handles international flights, another handles flights to European destinations and those operated by Air France, while the third terminal is exclusively for charter flights. Terminals are linked by a free shuttle service, while the rapid RER runs to the city. TGV trains only run to the airport to and from distant destinations.

Paris Orly International Airport is located south of Paris and also serves many millions of passengers each year. Orly is a lot older than Charles de Gaulle and serves domestic, international and charter services through its two terminals, which are linked by shuttle train. The airport is served by trains to the city as well as buses, shuttles and taxis.

In the south of France is Bordeaux International Airport, an efficient facility providing fast access to southern Europe. There is just one terminal here handling both international and domestic flights, and the airport is well fed by expressways and public transport including the Jetbus.

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...Air travel france

Lying in the centre of France, Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport is ideal for those travelling to the Alps and it receives flights from as far away as Canada. There are two terminals here that are joined by a long hall. High-speed trains serve the airport and there is a reliable bus network to nearby centres.

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