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I find that books about France, whether fiction or non-fiction, pique my appetite for travel more than anything else. I love writers who weave culture and language into their stories and memories. Of course, the best books are probably those written in French, but since not everyone reads well enough to survive "Germinal", here's a list of my favorite English-language novels set in France.
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Peter Mayle's novel about a rich advertising executive who gives it all up to open a hotel in the south of France has definite autobiographical undercurrents. It's an interesting and funny story with a bit of intrigue, crime, and romance thrown in for good measure. A must for Peter Mayle fans.

A somewhat controversial novel, this is the story of a single mother who moves to a tiny French town, opens a chocolate shop, and inadvertently starts a war with the local priest. The character development is superb, the story is intriguing, and the descriptions of chocolate creations are divine. Don't read this book - or see the movie it inspired - without a good supply of chocolate!... best books france

A scholar of the Provençal dialect, the protagonist is mad about truffles - a typical state of mind in Provence. However, the narrator's obsession has less to do with their divine flavor than the fact that eating them allows him to communicate with his dead wife. A beautifully-written, haunting story.

The 15-year-old protagonist narrates her French-Algerian family's search for identity while moving around the world (Algeria, France, US). The historical context, particularly about the war in Algeria, is vivid and accurate, while the writing style is lyrical and just plain enjoyable to read.

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A once-successful author with writer's block and six bottles of magical wine moves to a tiny French town (the same imaginary village previously visited in Chocolat) in search of inspiration and memories of his dearest friend. He finds more than he ever bargained for.

Imagine that you're down on your luck and decide to place an ad for any situation "except marriage." Imagine that a rich man with a truffle fetish sets you up in a new town with an apartment, a car, and a whole lot of cash. Imagine what can go wrong.... Anything Considered will defy all of your expectations.

In stark contrast to Joanne Harris's previous novels, Five Quarters of the Orange is rather dark historical fiction - a recounting of the German occupation of France during World War II. Set in the same town and with the same beautiful language as the other novels, this book is nonetheless a harsher and blacker look at life in France.

Brillat Savarin

Lawyer, judge and professor, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin invented the genre of food writing in 1825 with "The Physiology of Taste." This epicure's epicure defines how we taste and what we taste when we savor vegetable, beef, fowl or fish. He is obsessed by the perfection of the palate, noting that the gourmands of Rome could tell by the flavor whether a fish was caught between the city's bridges or lower down the Tiber. His writing is as varied as the most exquisite menu, from aphorisms ("the truffle is the diamond of the art of cookery"), to tales of Napoleon at table, to meditations upon the role of food in history. M.F.K. Fisher's English translation and notes show her a worthy heir to the throne of Brillat-Savarin's kingdom of gastronomy.... best books france

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Irresistible journey of a cat through France, past chateaux and shaded canals, dodging cars in Paris, roaming across lavender fields, to return to his home – a stone house by the edge of the sea. Fabulous double-page illustrations. (Picture book)

Elegant Coco Chanel was always different – orphaned as a child, she made dolls out of scraps of fabric, and turned her imagination and talent into clothes that every woman wanted to wear. Fun, free-spirited illustrations!

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La France Quotidien by R. Roesch Student Published in 2000 by Distribooks Inc

For the first time, all of France's military aircraft in the first years of WWII are offered to the international audience. Not only the fighters, but every type of combat aircraft, based on an alphabetical order (in two volumes) according to the maker. Foreign aircraft under French cockades are also included, such as the famous Curtiss H 75.... best books france

This guide includes some 800 beautiful and remarkable private houses in France, all of them visited--then chosen simply because we like them. Meet interesting people and make friends in France. You'll find terrific value, with hundreds of establishments offering rooms at under $100 for two people, and even some great values in Paris too!

This study makes a major contribution to our understanding of one of the most important and enduring strands of modern political thought. Annelien de Dijn argues that Montesquieu's aristocratic liberalism - his conviction that the preservation of freedom in a monarchy required the existence of an aristocratic 'corps intermédiaire' - had a continued impact on post-revolutionary France. Revisionist historians from Furet to Rosanvallon have emphasised the impact of revolutionary republicanism on post-revolutionary France, with its monist conception of politics and its focus on popular sovereignty. Dr de Dijn, however, highlights the persistence of a pluralist liberalism that was rooted in the Old Regime, and which saw democracy and equality as inherent threats to liberty. She thus provides a new context in which to read the work of Alexis de Tocqueville, who is revealed as the heir not just of Restoration liberals, but also of the Royalists and their hero, Montesquieu. ... best books france

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