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Maison Fournaise restaurant

The Maison Fournaise is a restaurant and museum located on the Île des Impressionnistes in the Seine in Chatou, west of Paris.In 1857, Alphonse Fournaise bought land in Chatou to open a boat rental, restaurant, and small hotel for the new tourist trade.Closed in 1906, the Maison Fournaise remained abandoned before being restored in 1990 on the initiative of the town of Chatou, with the assistance of American private funds from the Friends of French Art.The restaurant was a favorite of Pierre-Auguste Renoir who painted scenes of the restaurant, including The Rowers' Lunch in 1875 and Luncheon of the Boating Party, as well as several portraits of Fournaise family members and landscapes of the surrounding area.

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A la Maree

his elegant dining hall with a view of the sea offers a fabulous selection of seafood. Dishes include cassolette de fruits de mer (seafood stew), soupe de poisson (fish soup), symphonie de poissons a la creme de palourdes (a shellfish combo), and huitres gratinees (grilled oysters). Each day the restaurant surprises its customers with a little treat, such as a glass of champagne at the end of the meal. There's no better place to appreciate seafood in Cannes than at A La Maree. The single set menu at 24.24 EURO is an excellent value.

Adrets (Les)

This very good restaurant has an original edge to it: the dishes and other specialties are prepared in a kitchen made entirely of glass. Being able to see what is going on is always a good sign, if not entertaining. What comes out of that kitchen is delicious—try the layered rice and veal with lobster, or a St. Jacques salad with grilled prawns. Don't hesitate to come to this modest restaurant full of gastronomic ambition, but remember to book in advance.

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This typical blue and white Greek house welcomes you with open arms to a superb journey to the Bouzouki countries, where the Mediterranean is all of a sudden much closer. The menu includes a taster menu of 12 specialities, including Moussaka, Lamb Kebab with alcool de rose, and a discovery menu featuring Calamari and Grilled Octopus. Whatever you choose, you won't want to've been charmed by Aphrodite.

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