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The Top 6 Beaches in France

France might be small, but it features wonderful beaches. France borders two major bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterannean Sea. These miles of beaches in France are filled with delightful small villages and larger, bustling cities. Make plans for a vacation that mix the allure of France and the relaxation of the water by visiting these top beach destinations.

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Saint-Jean de Luz

Easily one of the most attractive cities in the Basque Country, from its cozy beach to its alluring downtown, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a jewel in the Basque Country. This pretty small beach city is just dripping with charm, from its port lined with colorful boats to its boutique shops selling surfing gear and lessons year-round.Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the last major town before heading south into Spain and neighboring Saint-Sebastian (well worth a day trip). While Bayonne, its more populated neighbor, is showing its age, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is as clean as a crisp, white French table linen. The delightful squares, quaint pedestrian shopping area and the covered market all equal a visit that is sure to be unforgettable.

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The small city has an endearing and inviting charm to it. The only downside is a serious lack of parking, which is especially a nuisance during the peak tourist season.

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Year-Round Surfing in St-Jean-de-Luz

Even if quaint French oceanside town isn't your thing, St-Jean-de-Luz is a great destination for year-round surfing. There are several surf shops in town. You can find various surfing rental spots. You can also find various classes and week-long school for tourists.Thalassotherapy in St-Jean-de-Luz

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St-Jean is a great getaway to experience sea based spa therapy, and indulge in thermal spa waters. You can find everything from underwater hydromassage to aquagym classes. This is a nice way to experience an indulgent getaway while on vacation.

Villefranche sur Mer

Just a few minutes away from Nice, this beach is sandier, quieter and less jam-packed with tourists than its more high-profile neighbor. There is only a handful of shops and cafes here, but sunbathing is much more pleasant. Beautiful mansions loom overhead, and there is a delightful market here. You can always hop the train and be in Nice (for shopping and so on) in five minutes.

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La Grande Motte

Its geographical location is quite outstanding, close to Montpellier and Nîmes and at the gateway to Camargue. In fact, this is the ideal starting point for tours of Roman Gaul, Provence and the hinterland of Languedoc as full-day or half-day excursions.

If you normally live in a stressful urban environment, you’ll love being cared for at the thalassotherapy institute with its range of upmarket treatments and its lounges steeped in a decidedly zen atmosphere with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. There is also absolute peace on the private beaches with their gourmet restaurants and comfortable deckchairs.Behind its immaculate white façades, La Grande Motte hides another of its attractions – a great range of accommodation:

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La Grande Motte is awarded a “European Blue Flag” every year for the quality of its water on swimming beaches and in the marina. The award is given by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, under the aegis of the Ministry for the Environment.

Lifeguards are in attendance on swimming beaches. The emergency stations are manned by qualified CRS lifeguards who monitor an area 300 metres out to sea and 100 metres wide.

The recommended area is offshore from the Sailing School in the Water Sports Centre.

Jetskis are only permitted outside the 300-metre swimming area. They can be put in or taken out the water on the ramp west of the marina.

Doggy Beach
Dogs are Man's best friends so we have set aside a beach just for them, at Le Grand Travers. Dog owners are kindly requested to show respect for other people by using this beach only if accompanied by their dogs.

12 showers have been installed on the beaches (5 on the Eastern and Central beaches and 7 on the Western - Motte du Couchant beach).

Private beaches
With their unusual settings, trendy furniture, all the ambiance of a lounge room, a truly relaxed atmosphere and private functions with famous DJ's, the private beaches in La Grande Motte are now well-known throughout France for their quality of service and the sense of being somewhere quite different that they offer. Hire of recliners and deckchairs, restaurants, brunch etc.

10 well-equipped beaches with all mod. cons. at the water's edge.

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Cap Ferret
This wonderful peninsula near Bordeaux promises beach on two sides (with the ocean to the west and a bay to the right). This is a great destination if you are looking to get away from it all, relax at quiet beaches, indulge in surfing, fishing or swimming, and want to remain close to a busy city. Most of the hotels are two-star, but there are a couple upscale four-star campgrounds as well.

This cute fishing village is filled with museums, historic buildings and beachfront (from both the sea and the lagoon). The port's brightly-painted rowhouses make for great photo opportunities. Visit Mont Saint Clair for stunning panoramic views on the city and the sea. This is a great travel base for visits to Agde, Montpellier, Beziers and Nimes.

Argeles sur Mer
Many people have heard of Perpignan, just a short distance from here, but Argeles sur Mer is far cozier and more relaxing. It has a cute downtown with cafes and shops. It features a long stretch of beach along France's famous Cote Vermeille (Red Coast) and it is a short drive to Spain.

With three different bodies of water along its coastlines France has plenty of water front for its beautiful beaches, and a variety of settings to please any sunbather. From the warm crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, to the long, sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, to the picturesque coastline along the English Channel, French beaches are varied and plentiful. In addition, beaches in France are know for their liberal attitude towards bathing attire, as many sunbathers tan topless, or even nude. For a more wholesome experience there are designated family beaches in some areas. Which coast you hit depends on what you’re looking for.

The beaches in the south of France, nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, are typically warmer, sandier, and more expensive to vacation in than other areas of France, as the jet set crowed likes to play in the surf on the French Rivera. Nice is one of the the more modestly priced towns, while St. Tropez and Cannes are more posh, along with their coveted sandy beaches in the south of France. Of course, the glamor of a riviera vacation is sometimes worth expense, and the sunny Mediterranean can’t be beat. If you’re feeling a bit risque, there are plenty of natural and topless beaches in France. There are designated family beaches, but along the boulevards nobody seems to mind, or get to out of hand. If you brought your yacht, as many of the celebrities do, don’t limit yourself to the crowded beaches in the south of France, near the cities of the rivera, cruise up the coast and find a less crowded beach.

The beaches in France along the Atlantic are longer and less crowded then their counterparts on the French Riviera, but the bustling hotspots can get every bit as dense. The Atlantic keeps the water cooler than the Mediterranean, and the ocean waves rolling in are a boon to surfers. The northern coastline features the historic D-day beaches, as well as beaches for sunbathing and surfing.

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