France Car Rentals, When you arrive in France for a vacation, you'll need to rent a car to explore it's roads & landscapes.

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France Car Rentals

Getting off "the beaten track" will deliver sights and experiences that you don't find in the tourist books!

But you can't do it without a car. And, you can't bring our own! So the solution is obvious...

If you plan to visit France, you need to know all the ins and outs of getting in and about in this country. Once you land at the airport, your adventures are hardly over. Find out about France's extensive and reliable rail network, flying within Europe, rental cars and the thorough bus systems.

One of the best ways to explore France is on your own in a rental car. Get the best deals and tips for renting a vehicle (and driving according to local laws) there.

If you will be renting a car in France for 17 days or more, you can save money, drive a brand-new car, rent even if you're under age 25, and get free, included, no-deductible car rental insurance with the Peugeot Buyback Lease program. Here are the pros and cons of the car rental program, and an explanation of how it works and why it can be cheaper than traditional car rentals in Europe.

You will be driving in Europe for 17 days or more.You are a young or old driver (as car rentals won't allow these drivers).You want the security of comprehensive insurance in several countries (as some only cover one country, and all charge extra).You are not a citizen of the European Union, or you are an EU expat living outside Europe currently.You prefer a brand new car.You have an extensive European itinerary planned.You want to drop off in another city withour paying a fortune.

...france car rentals

Compare the rates for major car rental companies in numerous cities throughout France with Kayak, which generates a list of car rental options that can be sorted by price.

The Renault Eurodrive lease buyback program provides is a great way to get a deal on longer car rentals. You get a brand new car to rent, and it comes with insurance in several countries included at no extra cost.

Find bargains on French car rentals through Expedia, which features various rates and booking at locations around France and different car rental companies.

Travelocity features online car rental booking for several car rental companies in France for all the major French cities.

Getting Around

Most internal travel by visitors to France is carried by train as the country runs one of the most efficient and comprehensive services on the continent. The SNCF(Sociéte Nationale de Chemins de Fer) who run the service have come up with various colour coded periods to indicate peak times (white or red) and low traffic periods (blue). Travelling during blue periods will entitle you to a discounted fare which can often be worth up to twenty five per cent off the full fare. If you wish to economise even further and have time on your side you can also opt for the Rapide service which runs the slower trains around the country and is called the Express service when referring to local trains. Strange! The TGV is the faster service – fastest in the world in fact - and travels from Paris to all the major French cities as well as to Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland. It is considerably more expensive, however, and reservations are essential....france car rentals

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