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Au Rendez-Vous des Pêcheurs

This friendly restaurant in an old grocery near the Loire has simple decor but offers excellent value for its creative cooking. Chef Christophe Cosme studied under Burgundy's late Bernard Loiseau and brings inventiveness to his fish and seafood specialties (try the crayfish and parsley flan) and desserts.

... france restaurants mid priced

Auberge du XIIe Siècle

You half expect Balzac himself to come strolling in the door of this half-timber, delightfully historic auberge, so little has it changed since the 19th century. Still sporting a time-stained painted sign and its original exterior staircase, and nearly opposite the great author's country retreat, this inn retains its centuries-old dining room, now warmed by a fireplace,
bouquets, and rich wood tables.

... france restaurants mid priced

Beyond this room is a modern extension -- all airy glass and white walls but not exactly what you're looking for in such historic surrounds. Balzac's ample girth attested to his great love of food, and he would no doubt enjoy the nouvelle spins on his classic géline chicken favorites served here today. But there's more, much more on tap -- chefs Thierry Jimenez and Xavier Aubrun are exceedingly talented, as witness their aiguillettes de canard rosées en réduction de Chinon (slices of duck flavored in Chinon wine).

Dessert is excellent, and so is the coffee, a refreshment Balzac drank incessantly (little wonder he created more than 2,000 characters).


In a bucolic setting overlooking the Loire, chef Raphaël Guillot serves up inventive cuisine, like fried mangoes with lavender and five different kinds of scallop dishes.

La Salamandre

Chef Danie Louboutin's meticulously prepared classic cuisine ranges from lamb and duck with cranberries to calamari with crab sauce, served amid Renaissance-style allurements and under stained-glass windows (part of the Anjou hotel). Opt for one of the reasonably priced prix-fixe menus.

... france restaurants mid priced

Les Antiquaires

The flamboyant opulence of this cozy, wood-beamed restaurant close to the river, with its red walls, cane-backed chairs, and brass chandeliers, is a perfect setting for Philippe Bardau's colorfully presented dishes. Some have a Mediterranean flavor, like his mullet with eggplant or sea bass with artichokes and fennel. Richer fare includes fillet of beef with truffled gnocchi, and foie gras with artichoke mousseline.

Les Tuffeaux

This restaurant, between the cathedral and the Loire, is the city's best value. Chef Gildas Marsollier wins customers with delicious fennel-perfumed salmon, oysters in an egg sauce seasoned with Roquefort, and remarkable desserts. Gentle lighting and the 17th-century wood beams and stone walls provide a soothing background.

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