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River Charente
At first glance the long ribbon of sandy coastline, bathed in sunshine during the summer months, of Poitou-Charentes has something of the southern Mediterranean about it. But as you get to grips with the region you notice the influence of the Atlantic creeping in.

The resorts may be less glamorous than in the south but historically they’re much better looking.

Inland, the countryside has an early morning dewy quality of moistness, the fields are lushly green, the rivers are softer and the population evenly spread. Around Cognac the glow of the vineyards crowned by the individual châteaux, produce the famous golden elixir.

To the north, the Marais Poitevin - nicknamed the “Green Venice” - is France’s version of a warmer less wind swept Norfolk Broads. It’s a dream world of river boulevards and emerald coloured shimmering reflections.

Added to all of this, the region formed an important part of the pilgrims' route across Europe to north west Spain, and is blessed with some of the finest romanesque churches in France. Driving along the smaller roads is immensely enjoyable as the A10 takes the brunt of the traffic sweeping through the region.

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La Rochelle, France
La Rochelle on France's west coast between Nante and Bordeaux is an interesting tourist destination on the sea seldom visited by Americans. La Rochelle has an interesting old harbor fortified in the middle ages, and a wonderful medieval core city. The cuisine of La Rochelle is memorable for its seafood.

Niort, France
50km southwest of Poitiers, and connected to it by regular trains, makes a useful stopover if your goal is the Marais Poitevin. the town itself has enough of interest to fill a pleasant morning's stroll, and it's the last place before the marshes to get a really wide choice of provisions. The most interesting part of the town is the mainly pedestrian area around rue Victor-Hugo and rue St-Jean, full of stone-fronted or half-timbered medieval houses. Coming from the gare SNCF, take rue de la Gare as far as avenue de Verdun with the tourist office and main post office on the corner, then turn right into place de la Brèche. Rue Ricard leaves the square on the left; rue Victor-Hugo is its continuation, following the line of the medieval market in a gully separating the two small hills on which Niort is built. Up to the right, opposite the end of rue St-Jean, is the old town hall, a triangular building of the early sixteenth century with lantern, belfry and ornamental machicolations, perhaps capable of repelling drunken revellers but no match for catapult or sledgehammer.

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Angoulême (Angouleme), France
Angoulême is the main city of the department of Charente. With a population of about 50 000 inhabitants in the center and 50 000 in the peripheral suburbs, Angoulême is the biggest pool of population of the department. For centuries, Angoulême has been sitting with pride on its rocky peak, yesterday surrounded with strong ramparts, the city has now developed beyond its ancient limits .... The people of Angoulême are rather reserved and happily stay behind the closed doors of their beautiful residences. We have had a hard time finding the information you will find in this page. The different contributors seem to jealously keep their information for their own diffusion network. You will not see on this site any inside picture of the monuments - we have not been able to get the necessary approvals-. With our friends help we have managed to gather the essential information on leisure, monuments and the city activities.

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Poitiers, France
The area immediately surrounding Poitiers is dominated by the postmodern cinema theme park Futuroscope, to the north, though more traditional attractions can be found at nearby Chauvigny and St-Savin, which boast two fine Romanesque churches, with some great sculpture and frescoes. Less inspired are the small town of Parthenay and the larger city of Niort, neither of which is worth a special trip, though both make useful stopovers for provisions before heading further westward into the verdant marshes of the Marais Poitevin.

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