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The Mediterranean seaside:
The Côte d'Azur,the famous French Riviera which stretches from Hyères to Menton is set up to receive a large and rather affluent tourist clientele. The cities and coastline abound with first class hotels, in restaurants, chic boutiques,private beaches and luxury houses. But the coast is also Camargue and its keepers, and the great ports of Marseilles, Toulon and Nice, all three, gateways to Africa since ancient times.

Provence :
The heart of Provence is in the hills that bind the sea to the alps. . These are the sloping vineyards; the cultivated lands and the colorful scenery that charmed Cezanne (Aix en Provence), Van Gogh (Arles), Chagall or Giono. In Provence or the Midi the local people have a soft singing accent which evokes their whole relaxed lifestyle. They have no greater pleasure after a hard days work than to enjoy a delicious and hardy meal shared with friends.....This is the picturesque Provence of Pagnol, Raimu, and Fernandel.

Provence real estate...

The Alpes :
Skiing one hour from the seaside? Well yes! Here you can do it! The Alpes d'Azur rise high above Nice up to 4000m. . ....Clean pure air and vast protected lands, this is still Provence with the Alpes of Haute Provence and the Hautes Alpes. In the winter there is sunny skiing, in the summer one can explore on horseback, on foot or by bike. Even dare-devils will find sports to their taste with such choices as parachute jumping, flying ULM's, rafting, abseiling or mountain climbing.Provence real estate...

Welcome to Avignon, France!
Avignon -the economic, administrative and cultural capital of the Provence and Camargue- is one of the most active and beautiful cities in France. Thanks to its architectural and artistic heritage, this old city is one of the most important gothic ensembles in Europe.

Avignon is famous worldwide thanks to its theater festival -considered as the most important one in the world-, the Popes Palace -during the 14th century Avignon was the capital of the Christian world- and the bridge Saint Bénezet -- ever heard the the French song 'Sur le pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse, l'on y danse ...'? The 'Pont d'Avignon' is the bridge Saint bénezet.

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Cannes, France.
Cannes is a city on the French Riviera known mostly for it's film festival. An international event of cinematic proportions where the population of the city more than trebles due to the influx of stars, critics, journalists and star-gazers during a fortnight each year in May.

It's main feature is La Croisette, a magnificent promenade that divides the grand hotels from their private beaches and is lined by palm trees and designer boutiques. At the western end lies the bunker-like Palais des Festivals, the venue for the city's full calendar of functions and conferences aswell as the film festival. Outside the buildings main steps, the pavement is lined with imprints of the hands and feet of French and Hollywood stars.

Continuing west is the Vieux Port and then a small hill on which the old town known as Le Suquet is situated. This is the Cannes that Lord Broughham knew when he visited in 1832. His influence was instrumental in turning Cannes from a relatively unknown fishing village to a top Mediterrenean resort.

The main tourist season for Cannes is from May to October. Unlike Nice, Cannes has many sandy beaches, albeit mostly private for the guests of the hotels lining La Croisette. Some public beaches however do exist west from the Palais des Festivals.

Just off the coast lies the Lerin Islands which can be reached by a 15-minute boat ride from the Vieux Port. These consist of two islands, one contains an abbey and the other an old fort. Each of them have had a famous resident, Saint Patrick and The Man In The Iron Mask, respectively.

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Saint (St.) Tropez
Saint-Tropez is a popular French Riviera vacation spot in France, starting with Brigitte Bardot in the 50s. Located on the Mediterranean coast near Nice, Saint Tropez a favorite of artists, the "beautiful people," and beach folks--Plage de Tahiti is a famous nude beach in Saint-Tropez.

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